Fire Damage Restoration – What It Takes To Deal with Soot and Poor Air Quality

Fire can leave your home in a state you never imagined before. It can take you twenty steps backwards. But you do not have to worry about all that. With the high number of fire damage restoration companies around, you can be sure your home will be restored to its former glory within days. But pause there for a while. Not all fire damage service providers will offer you the kind of service you expect. Then again, the fire problem may have caused a minor glitch – one that you can handle on your own. But do you know what it takes to deal with sort and poor air quality? Chances are, you do not. Here is how to go about it.

Limit movement

Do not move from the affected area to another unnecessarily. You will only worsen things and spread soot as well as ash particles. Get everything you need in the affected area. Then work on one area until you are done before moving to the next area. Make sure you limit take care of smoke removal as soon as possible.


Get rid of dust collecting valuables

These include your books, electronics and hangings that can easily collect ash particles and dust as you work on the affected areas. Put them in another room if you have to. This will make your work easier and enable you to finish the whole fire damage restoration task on time.

Cover your valuables

This is pretty much self explanatory. Cover everything if you have to. Alternatively, you can take what you need to protect from soot and dust particles outside. Then remember to leave your windows open after you are done. How else will some fresh air come in?

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