Lead Removal – All You Need To Know About Protecting Yourself

The average person needs less than 10 micro grams per deciliter of blood of lead in his body. Anything beyond that is considered dangerous. That explains why mold exposure is not good for your health and that of your loved ones. Overexposure, as you will find out can result in life threatening neurological damage. It can also cause still births. Hiring or seeking the services of a lead removal company is therefore a wise move. It can go a long way to keep you, your pets and loved ones safe. With that in mind, consider the following measures to protect yourself before contacting the best removal service provider.

Vacuum clean often

This may sound surprising to some but it is highly recommended. Vacuuming will reduce the amount of lead traces in the air. Note that lead is spread mostly through lead particles in the air. Consider too reducing the number of dust collecting equipment such as plastic plants, soft toys and books.

Wash your fabric and beddings often

The main objective behind this is to reduce the amount of lead traces in your garments. Remember to use healthy, side effect free soaps and detergents when washing the said fabric. Some detergents will only worsen the effects of exposure to lead.

Shop for domestic products wisely

Some domestic products contain excess lead amounts. Most of such products are toys for kids and pets. Always ensure the products you use at home are lead free and safe or your children and pets.

Talk to a lead abatement expert

This should be done as soon as one suspect there are traces of mold where one works or lives. The expert will conduct tests to determine the level of lead one is exposed to. He or she will then use the right lead removal equipment and techniques to ensure your home is mold free.

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