Record Labels
2 Sheds A record label based here in Atlanta, GA that has released several of our records.

Music Bands that some members of Silent Kids enjoy listening to:
Marumari Nice electronic music on the Car Park Label, odd website though. "Supermogadon" is a good place to start. This guy seems to be more into raising his family now than putting out music but hopefully one day he will release some more stuff.
Windy and Carl A male/female duo from Detroit (not the famous ones!) that make hypnotic space rock. They rarely tour as they also run a record store in their home city. Get "Depths" on vinyl if you can find it. They were recently in Atlanta to play a wedding (!) and played a fine set at the Teahouse on Dekalb Ave. Good times....
The Black Lips We have to give a thumbs up to the Black Lips, did anyone hear about them setting off the fire extinguisher in the Variety Playhouse during a recent photoshoot? They are Atlanta's answer to the Stooges.
Casino vs Japan "Whole Numbers Play the Basics" is electronic music with some nice hooks. One of Michael and Jeff's favorite releases of 2002. This record was made by one guy from Milwaukee of all places. What's the band scene like there? Email us if you know. Like Marumari this guy seems to be lying low these days.
The Preakness You may see this band hanging out at the Earl. Not playing a show, just hanging out together. They have one of the best drummers in Atlanta. They should have a debut record out in the summer of 2008.
Luigi This is an Atlanta band that our old drummer Scott plays bass in. Catchy stuff and great live.
Cat Power Chan Marshall used to live in Atlanta so we've seen her play live a bunch. These shows can be pretty hit or miss. One show a few yrs back at the Echolounge featured her talking to her friend backstage for most of the show while the audience watched. "Moon Pix" is the best record she has released so far although the "Cover Record" is pretty endearing too.
The Zombies You mean you don't own "Odessey and Oracle"? What's wrong with you?
The Pernice Brothers Working class band from Boston area with great harmonies and Zombie-like arrangements. Buy their last records before you see them live.

Atlanta Things that the Silent Kids enjoy about our home town
Cabbage Town Cabbage Town is an old working class neighborhood in Atlanta that has a nice feel and character to it, it's a good place to walk a dog. Lots of shotgun style houses. You can get there via the Krog Street Tunnel, where you will usually be able to view some interesting graffiti. The Carol Street Cafe is a nice place to eat here and has something for everyone.
Tortillas The Best Southwestern food in Atlanta. Its dirt-cheap and when Jeff and Michael were roommates they would eat there way too often. The kids working there play Weezer on the jukebox every 30 minutes but don't let that stop you from visiting! Recommended meal: Bean and cheese burrito with potatoes, guac, and green sauce inside with an iced tea. Update July 2003: We are sad to report this place has gone out of business after many years. We have yet to find a suitable replacement but El Myr is pretty close, some of the folks that work there are Tortillas veterans. But we do have some recipes from the owner of Tortillas and they taste pretty close to the real thing! There is also a rumor floating around town that Tortillas may reopen in a new location....
Star Light Drive-In Unquestionably the finest spot to see a movie in ATL during the warm months. You can bring beverages in a cooler and sit out side in your lawn chair watching the movie. Capital! Sunday nite seems to be the best nite to go.
The Earl Somehow this bar/music club in East Alanta always seems to have a good crowd inside it, no matter when you go. The food is good for bar food and there are two rooms, one is the bar with a nice patio when the weather is nice and then there is a music club in the back where we have played many, many times. Try the fries, they are cut very small which makes them extra tasty!
88.5 FM WRAS The best radio station in Atlanta with a powerful signal that you can sometimes pick up in Athens, GA. For some reason, their website doesn't seem to be updated very often.

Color Wheel Studio in Decatur is a good place for the artistic tots.

People Some interesting people
Jack Rabid Jack publishes a great music magazine out of New York City called the Big Takeover. It takes weeks to read one from cover to cover. Blows away Rolling Stone, Spin, or even Magnet.
No Rock and Roll Fun This Brit writes about music and seems to love to make fun of some guy named Gordon Smart.