"Tomorrow Waits"
Released by
2 Sheds records nationally.

Track Listing:
Drift Into the Summer
2. Lost In The Petrified Forest
3. The Bering Sea
4. Oh I
Engine of a Lifetime
6. A Great Leap Forward
7. Miami
8. Perfect Office Street
9. The Laughing Horse
10. I Knew That We Would End Up Here
11. Tomorrow Waits

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can pick up "Tomorrow Waits" from the following locations:

The 2 Sheds Records website

Apple iTunes Music Store

CD Baby website

In Atlanta the record can be found at the following locations in Little 5 Points:

Criminal Records 466 Moreland Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307 tel: 404.215.9511

Wax N Facts 432 Moreland Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307-1423 tel: 404.525.2275