Three Signs You May Have To Deal With A Water Damage Problem

Water damage and mold infestation have one thing in common – both of them exude signs. One can therefore take into account preventive measures. The only problem comes along with detecting the signs and taking them seriously. With that in mind, here are four common water damage signs.

Plumbing glitches

This happens to be one of the most common signs of water damage. So anytime you have a plumbing glitch, fix it on time. The next thing you may have to deal with is a sewer back up, which can easily worsen the situation. With that mind, do not ignore any plumbing glitch. A simple leak or lose nut on the system may cause flooding. Fix the problem at your earliest convenience.


If you see or smell mold in your home or commercial building, excessive water may be causing it. You will want to double check all the walls close to that area. In case of further problems, contact mold experts for help.

Earthy smell

It is also a common sign that water damage is on the way. Take note of the sign especially if the odor or rather smell is coming from your basement. The odor may mean there is a leak. It may also mean mold infestation is already happening. Find out where the smell is coming from then fix the problem as soon you can.

Plus One… Clogged sewers

Clogged sewers often result to sewer backups. That means changes of water damage problems are high. There may be a root in your septic tank or crack on one of the pipes. A plumber should be able to trace the problem and advice you accordingly.

One more thing…

You do not have to wait for these signs. Conducting routine maintenance on your home should be able to help you trace the problems on time. Like what they say, preventing a problem is always much better than curing it.

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